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About Our Products

Herbal Mineral Bath

A combination of 21 herbs creates an optimal environment for a soothing and relaxing bathing experience while conditioning and nurturing the skin.

Liquid Body Lufra

Provides essential exfoliation by gently working away surface impurities and dead skin.

Grapefruit Body Bar

Removes dirt, oil, and impurities while drenching the skin in conditioning moisture.

Icedancer Invigorating Leg Gel

Revives, stimulates, refreshes cools, and soothes tired, achy legs.

Firewalker Foot Cream

Specifically formulated to give the nourishment and treatment your feet need. Soothes and rejuvenates them after a long day.

Sole Solution Foot Treatment

Works on the underlying cause of rough, dry, and cracked feet, returning them to a soft, smooth, healthy-looking condition.
Soften and exfoliates dead cell buildup and calluses for soft, smooth skin.

Baobab Body Butter

Delivers all-day moisturization for supple, healthy-looking skin.
Contains high levels of antioxidants.
Promotes softer, smoother, and more tined looking skin
Enhances the resiliency of skin over time

Body Smoother

Contains renowned conditioning emollients such as aloe vera, algae extract, retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), and tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E). Absorbs quickly, provides long-lasting moisturization without leaving a heavy, oily residue, leaving skin feeling soft and calms the spirit with the relaxing scent of Natural Herbs and help improve blood circulation.